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Mr. Bacon Eats Raw Food!

Monday, March 26th, 2012


Raw Low Fat Deep Dish Lasagna!

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

Raw Food Deep Dish LasagnaClick Here for Raw Lasagna Video Local KholrabiThis is a very special week for 4 reasons! First, my birthday is this Sunday! I will be celebrating all week, and I have made it a tradition every year to make the boxes as uniquely abundant as possible to share my gift of life with all of you! I have to admit, I am known for sticking exotic and special treats in the boxes during my birthday week! Order the birthday box special from ROC! Watch Raw Deep Dish Lasagna!

Secondly, this is our last week for dates! We will have our last batches on the table, and we will be selling them by the case for you to savor! They last up to a year in your fridge! If you wish to reserve a case, please email  They will go fast!

Thirdly, I have created a fabulous new recipe for Raw Deep Dish Lasagna that is…EPIC! For years, I have tried to come up with a low-fat raw vegan recipe for lasagna that wasn’t too heavy or loaded with overt fats. I have finally perfected this recipe, and I am so excited to share it with all of you! It’s deep dish, it’s low fat raw vegan, and yes…you are allowed to eat the whole thing! I have made a New YouTube on how to make it, and you can also find the recipe here!


Finally, this week is ROC’N is because I just taught my sold out EAT IT Raw Class on Juices and Smoothies yesterday, and it was fabulous! My next class for EAT IT RAW Salads & Gazpachos is on Wednesday the 21st at 11:30 AM at Sur la Table. To sign up for this class, click here! For pictures of these events, you can find them on my facebook page or on our ROC facebook page!

For more ROC’N recipes, please check out our  Rawfully Organic Recipe Archive or our YouTube Channel. Please “like” our facebook page to find other fun posted comments by other co-operators as well as frequent updates! I also invite you to friend me (Kristina)! For more inspiration, please see my blog!

My website FullyRaw is dedicated to inspire and motivate you to be as healthy as you can be! Please visit it and follow it on facebook. I’m here to show you raw-self-love!

My greatest birthday gift this week will be to see all of you! I request only your presence, your support of spreading the message of Rawfully Organic/FullyRaw, and your endless hugs and kisses! Many ask what physical gifts I wish for my birthday, and I choose to be showered with live plants or your love! Nothing more! Lettuce be grateful for this life we have been given and celebrate our journeys together!


Raw Meal in 1 Minute!

Monday, January 23rd, 2012
Kristina EAT IT RAW HANC Class This has been a RAWESOME weekend! Not only did over 450 families pick up from co-op last week alone, but also my EAT IT RAW Class at the Houston Arboretum was sold out! ROCN with fresh, organic produce from our beloved coop, the class addressed questions and concerns about eating a raw lifestyle, and I prepared a three course meal for all who came! My next two prep classes at Sur la Table are coming up in February, and you can check out those events here! You can also see uploaded pictures from yesterday’s class here!

One of the most common fears that I hear from people about eating raw or healthy is that they simply don’t have time. Having been FullyRaw for 6.5 years, I am here to testament that this effort saves time, energy, and despair! For this reason, I have just uploaded a brand new YouTube entitled 1 Minute Raw Meal in which I bring home my co-op box, and I prepare a Raw Meal for you in literally 1 minute! Please check it out and share it! Later on this week, I plan to launch my new website called FullyRaw, which focus on feeding you raw food education so that you can feed your body happy!

I will be featured as a guest speaker on Rawpalooza this week, and you don’t want to miss my interview along with 50 other Raw Food Pioneers in the movement! I am posting new recipes, videos, events, and ideas to our facebook page to motivate you to keep strong in your desires! Please “like” the page or friend me (Kristina!) to get our updates! Join the RAWvolution!

I am having the time of my life building relationships with all of you, and I am honored to co-operate with you weekly! I may bring an abundance of food to your homes, but you bring an abundance of love to my heart! I hope to see you all this week for a hug…or two! Horray!




Falling Off the Wagon?

Monday, January 9th, 2012

The world is changing for the better, and everyone is trying to be GREEN and follow through with their New Year’s resolutions. Now is the time where you begin to see everyone “fall off the healthy wagon.” Are you one of those people, or can you keep motivated to truly achieve the place of health satisfaction that you want to reach? We as a co-op community this week want to focus on keeping motivated to make our resolutions integrate into our lifestyle so that being healthy is as easy as breathing, laughing, and hugging! We will be posting new recipes, videos, EAT IT RAW classes, and ideas to our facebook page to motivate you to keep strong in your desires! Join the RAWvolution!

Before you grab that pastry, coffee, or fast food, ask yourself: why did I resolute to be healthy? Why did I want to make the choice to FEEL BETTER? The answer is most likely that you want to not only feel confident and alive in your skin, but also that you did not feel good after eating so much “junk” over the holidays. Were you eating food or product? Were you consuming “food” or were you stuffing emotions? Where is the root of your motivation? Before you can move forward, you must find this source of inspiration, and you must hold onto that feeling. This yearning in your gut combined with the vision of where you see yourself moves you forward! Time to manifest!

There are a few things to remember before you defeat yourself. Firstly, change takes time. Your body will not magically mystify itself overnight. Make a plan and take this stride one day at a time. Secondly, be patient and compassionate with yourself. You will not do everything perfectly, so come up with some “pick me up” phrases to tell yourself when you feel like you have done something wrong. Ironically enough, there is no wrong on the journey of health as long as you use each experience as a growth opportunity! Thirdly, find a team to support you through this if not partake in the adventure with you! This should be easy seeing that you have a co-op community of over 4700 people who are trying to do the same thing as you! When you pick up your box this week, make a goal to meet 2 new people! This is about the journey and not the destination. Who knows who or what is in store?!

Here are some more easy steps to keep you motivated this week:

  1. Stock up with your share this week! If you have healthy produce in the house, you are less inclined to purchase unhealthy items!
  2. Find some fun raw recipes that you enjoy in our recipe archive.
  3. Sign up for our EAT IT RAW Classes to teach you how to use your boxes and stay healthy forever!
  4. Watch our you tube recipe videos!
  5. Follow our facebook updates for inspirational articles, reminders, and more!
  6. List the reasons WHY you want to be healthy. Envision where you see yourself and hold this in your mind to motivate you!
  7. Take each day one step at a time. Be gentle with yourself, and plan your days so that there is no lapse for relapse.
  8. Before you stick unhealthy foods in your mouth, remember that YOU are the one responsible for consuming it. How will that make you feel? Most likely guilty, disappointed, and icky.
  9. Enjoy as much fruit as you want! Go crazy! There is no limit to fruit consumption!
  10. Make it a goal to meet 1-2 new people in the co-op who are getting healthy and find friendship and support with them!
  11. If you are serious about going raw and if you want raw coaching from Kristina, simply email her at

2913You CAN do this, and there are steps that you can take to keep yourself motivated! Hopefully, this newsletter motivated YOU to keep with your New Year’s resolutions so that you can fly through the year with light, love, confidence, and happiness! Lettuce change this world one happy smile at a time. We only feel vibrant when we feel uplifted and at our healthy best! We have SO many local items coming in, I can’t even name them here, so check our list below! Keep it up everyone! You can order your box by seeing the link below or by clicking here!

I am SO excited to see everyone again this week! Thanks for creating such a beautiful family. We are so blessed that sometimes I simply cannot comprehend what we have created. I’m simply in love.




Give Life in a Box

Monday, December 12th, 2011

ABC Channel 13 features Rawfully Organic!

Do you feel Christmas in the air?! It’s coming! This is my favorite time of the year because I get to GIVE BACK to those that I love the most…YOU! Double hugs for everyone! :)

The week before Christmas, we will have co-op up until that Thursday, then we will not have co-op the 24th, 27th, or 29th. Until then, the boxes will be like Christmas surprises, overflowing with Santa’s bounty! Find out what will be in this week’s box here, and order here! If you haven’t already seen our awesome reel from Channel 13 News, please watch! You can also keep up to date with our latest holiday videos on our You Tube Channel and community recipe ideas on our Facebook Page!

I’ve entitled this week’s email newsletter “Give Life Back in a Box” for the sole purpose that I believe our boxes distribute life. Three times a week, I get to see over 350 families pick up their boxes, overjoyed to get home and bless their bodies and families with colorful goodness. I’ve been so humbled this week to see SO many ask to buy shares for their friends for Christmas because I cannot think of a greater gift to give: LIFE.

Essentially, our boxes are filled with healthy goodness, but not just ANY healthy goodness…RAW goodness. Fruits and vegetables are the most vitamin and mineral jam-packed sources of foods on the planet; they are filled with vibrancy. They literally make us glow on a cellular level, and they make us feel amazing, light, and joyful when we eat them. Everyone knows that increasing one’s diet in fruits and vegetables makes you feel more alive…so why not eat them ALL the time and feel the blessing of life inside of you INFINITELY?! (This feeling is the reason that I have been 100% raw for 6 years!)

As the volunteers prep the boxes at co-op, I consider it to be a very peaceful and exciting time, because it is almost as if we are blessing the boxes to go out to everyone. We are filling them with the blessings of life, and these nutrients will fuel you to function at your highest physical, mental, and possibly spiritual performance. Unlike other foods, these foods “love you back,” essentially and metaphorically. They bring us better physical appeal, make us glow, and even bring us more self confidence. Eating colorful foods brings about a shift in confidence, mental clarity, and happiness. Yes, eating fruits and vegetables makes you feel happier! They are a gift, and the gift they reap is LIFE.

Love yourself this holiday season by giving your body the gift of life. Eat your box, eat your fruits and veggies, and eat them raw. When you love yourself, you love others and everyone around you. I truly do love you all from the fruitiness of my heart, and for this reason, I run this co-op as a labor of love. Thank you for making it the most loving, accepting, safe, and special place for so many. I cannot wait to share this holiday season with you! Besides the food, you all are my gifts! :)

I look forward to seeing you all this week!

Hugs and love!


P.S. This is the LAST week to get a vitamix with free shipping before Christmas, please email me at!

P.S. 2: If you are interested in “gifting” a box, please email me as well!


Kristina’s Raw Kitchen Essentials

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

Kristina's Raw Food Kitchen Essentials I hope that you have had a restful, warm, and fruitful weekend! We had an abundant week filled with holiDATES, persimmons, pomegranates, freshly-picked greens, and more! This week will be filled with even MORE abundance and holiday spirit in order to keep you EMPOWERED about making good food choices! The video to your left features my Raw Food Holiday Kitchen Essentials for you to watch! Many have been asking me about ROC Christmas gift cards and for our special Vitamix deal! Please email for details! I’m having WAY too much fun posting new videos and recipes on our Facebook page and YouTube Channel, so please make sure that you are connected with us there for the latest updates! Ya baby!

Some exciting news about this week is that we were featured on ABC Channel 13 LiveWell Network Deals this past Saturday morning! How cool! A special thanks goes to Kat Cosley and ABC 13 for airing us on their show! I will be blasting this video tomorrow!!

EAT IT RAW: Green Juices & Smoothies at Sur La Table with Kristina Carrillo-BucaramI have also just finished up my first series of classes at Sur la Table making Juices & Smoothies, and the next set of classes featuring Salads & Gazpachos will be announced later this week! For those who missed the latest one of me making an EPIC, OXYGENIZING, and LIVELY green juice at Sur la Table, I am sharing it again! In the meantime, I have just made another you tube video to help you shop for “Must Have” items for your holiday tables! Stay tuned because from now until the New Year, I plan to blow you away with all types of cool holiday recipe videos and more! Woo hoo! Gotta love this time of year!

I am keeping this newsletter rather short since we are featuring two new exciting videos!  Next week, I am already excited to talk about “Giving Life Back in a Box” as a gift of love this season. I have been opening my heart up more and more lately while running and while doing yoga, and it has been on my heart for weeks to write this newsletter. I hope that you look forward to reading it!

I hope to see you ALL at co-op this week! Everyone was back from Thanksgiving vacations this week, and the energy at co-op is SO amazing when everyone is there interacting and sharing a piece of their passions and hearts. My heart opens up more and more with each box that goes out. I love spending time with each of you! Thank you for making the time and effort to be a part of this co-op, and thank you for loving it as much as I do.

Hugs and love!



5 Ways to Empower Healthy Holidays

Monday, November 28th, 2011

I hope that you have had a SUPERB holiday weekend, filled with many hugs and lively foods! This week, we are celebrating getting back to the BASICS of healthy eating as we progress through the holidays. Instead of focusing on holiday weight and feeling victim to the social events with heavy food & eating, take charge of your life! Be different and challenge yourself to join the thousands of co-operators who are focusing on preparing the items from their boxes each week rather than from making other trips to the stores or take-outs. You CAN do this, and you will feel AMAZING when you do! There are 5 ways to EASILY empower healthy habits this holiday.  It’s as easy as:

1) Ordering Your Share Each Week

2) Attending Raw Food Classes

3) Making Exciting New Recipes to Share with Your Friends/Family

4) Getting Support and Sharing Community

5) Entertaining Yourself from Those on the Same Path.

I know that staying healthy throughout the holidays is not only a physical challenge for many, but also it is a mental challenge. Society focuses on marketing and selling their “products” that sometimes may claim to be foods; however, these items are simply not fresh foods if food at all. Because our society tends to socialize around eating events, specifically holiday dishes, people succumb to gatherings where they feel cornered or “guilted” into participating in consuming these foods. Just because you do not participate in holiday eating does not mean you are not celebrating the holidays. You are celebrating YOURSELF by honoring your body in making healthy choices! You WILL feel EMPOWERED after you cross this threshold!

My goal for this holiday season is to truly inspire ALL of our Rawfully Organic Co-operators to make their own food choices and to provide them with the options to not only eat an abundance of colorful produce, but also to inspire them to inspire others by living vibrantly! The greatest change that we can create in this world is the change that we create within ourselves.

I wish that I could bare my heart even more and express my true desire to REACH people with this message. The holidays are to be filled with LIGHT, LOVE, CELEBRATION, and PEACE…not loneliness, self-deprivation, or lack of confidence. I want to be here as a light along the way because living rawfully organic comes so easily to me. This is my gift that I want to share with all of you this season. Please allow me to do so!

EAT IT RAW: Green Juices & Smoothies at Sur La Table with Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram This week, we are back to our usual co-op schedule, and I hope to see all of you there, challenging yourselves to make this holiday a GREEN one and prepare from your boxes! I will also be teaching my second class at Sur la Table on Wednesday for Juices and Smoothies to give people ideas on how to make it through the holidays using their boxes and staying raw. There are less than 10 spaces left! Here is a sneak peak video from my last class for you to see! For more info, you can sign up with the link or email

I love you all SO much, and I send many, many hugs!



Healthy Holidays?

Monday, November 14th, 2011

I hope that you have had a relaxing weekend! We are seeing a transition into the holidays, and I am sure that many of you are beginning to plan for not only Thanksgiving, but also Christmas! Thanksgiving week, we will DEFINITELY be having co-op, but we will most likely be moving our Thursday co-op to either Tuesday or Monday of that week. Please let me know your votes by posting on our wall here! Before I begin to talk about eating Healthy for the Holidays, I want to share important bullet points here:

The holidays are here! Scary, right? NO! The holidays are SO much fun because we get to decorate our homes, spend time with friends and family, and, celebrate the season of giving! So many become consumed with consuming that their experience is tarnished. “Lettuce” choose to focus on the BEST parts of this time! Doesn’t that excite you?! For most of you, you may be thinking, “I am going to get fat like I do every year!” I am here to tell you that it simply does not have to be that way. You CAN be healthy throughout the holidays! Our society centers Thanksgiving and Christmas entirely WAY too much around food, and we forget the essence of gratitude and giving. Eating as many raw fruits and veggies as you can during this time will change your life and your complete perspective during the holiday season! The holidays are just approaching, and NOW is the time to make a choice: eat healthy throughout the holidays or not? DO IT! :)

Some think that it is too difficult to eat fresh foods once winter begins, either because they crave something warm during winter or because they are surrounded by too much holiday food to contain themselves. Eating fruits and veggies during the holidays is a choice. Many of you know that I eat a 100% raw foods all the time and have been dedicated to this lifestyle for the past 6+ years. Eating this way keeps me happy, consistent, and satisfied whether it is during “special” times or not. My weight does not fluctuate during the holidays. You do not have to eat all raw throughout the season to see these results. You simply need to eat as many fruits and veggies as you can in place of other things. When it comes time to make a choice for simple, sweet fruits or complex, processed sugars, choose the fruit! Make the better choice and feel BETTER about YOUR choices.

When we make good choices for ourselves, we feel empowered! This is your key to freedom! YOU decide what is best for you! Muster the strength to discipline yourself and live in this abundance. Confidence arises when we demonstrate self-love, especially in the form of respecting one’s body intake, mental exertion, and spiritual respect or meditation. Many may think that eating fruits and veggies during the holiday is boring or limiting. I am here to tell you that you will not be bored with the 200+ varieties of fruits and vegetables that we will have access to this winter. You will be getting in more variety by eating out of your ROC’N box each week than if you were eating typical holiday dishes! Not to mention, fruits and veggies are naturally lower in calories than cooked foods, so you HAVE to eat more of them to get in your daily amounts. You will live in abundance because you will be eating a larger volume of produce…and possibly LOSING weight! It’s everyone’s favorite diet that I call it the “EAT MORE RAW AND LOVE IT” regimen haha! Talk about abundance! How inspiring will it be if you end up losing weight AFTER the holiday season instead of gaining it? You will need to come up with a different New Year’s resolution! ;)

Point blank: YOU CAN BE HEALTHY THROUGHOUT THE HOLIDAYS. You CAN be raw throughout the holidays! The choice is yours! Set your own standards, and be satisfied with what you choose. When we motivate ourselves, we inspire others as well. Imagine the change that you can create in not just your life, but also the lives of others! Be the change, make the change, and live the change-YOU ARE THE WORLD.

I can’t wait to see each of you this coming week! Please feel free to post recipes, dishes, and more on our facebook page to share with others! This will also help to keep everyone motivated and supported throughout the holidays! I love you all, and will be sending inspiration and virtual hugs your way!




Fruit is Nature’s Water!

Monday, August 29th, 2011

I am back and had the BEST time ever at the Woodstock Fruit Festival in upstate NY! I have uploaded an entire facebook photo album of the event, and you can even watch an awesome video trailer for next year’s festival here! I know many of you missed me, but I am revved up with so much to share with you all including TONS of new you tube videos shared at the bottom of this email!!

Everyone is back now from Summer vacation, and it is rawsome to see everyone’s faces again! We are still enjoying summer’s abundance of local watermelons, pickles, peaches, nectarines, and more! Pics from last week’s co-op are up now and found here! You may be in them, and please feel free to tag yourself!! Soak it up while you can and stay hydrated! There is nothing better to me than drinking ice cold watermelon juice in 108 degree weather! I want to send a special shout out to the volunteers who took over co-op this past week to make sure that we all got our boxes! Without you all, co-op would NOT have been possible! Thank you for ROC’N the tents!

For this week’s newsletter, this is the PERFECT time to talk about staying hydrated! In Texas right now, we are not only in a drought, but we are experiencing temperatures hotter than ever before! My thermometer showed 110 degrees today at one point! It’s scorching HOTTT and drinking water is not enough. The most hydrating foods on the planet are fruits and vegetables. They contain the juices of life–filled with vitamins, minerals, and much, much more!

There is a reason why we have seasons and why we eat seasonally. Nature gives us exactly what we need when we need it. For instance, right now, we have watermelons exploding out of trucks to get to co-op! We simply cannot eat as many watermelons as we are producing! Nature is literally saying, “Here! Eat me now!” It is hot outside, so our bodies are naturally sweating more than they would during the wintertime. We need those watermelons NOW to stay hydrated. If we were living 100 years ago, we would most likely be eating way more watermelons! At that time, there was no air conditioning or as much clean water as there is today. People relied on fruits and vegetables to get their intake of water.

When we are hydrated, we perform at our optimal best. If you are an athlete, you will run better, and your mind will be clear because you won’t be thirsty. If you work in an office, you will find that hydration brings you better focus; thus, optimizing your time and activities. This list goes on for every occupation! All benefit from proper hydration. One must simply learn how to stay properly hydrated.

What you need to walk away knowing: the juices inside of fruits and vegetables is hydrating! It is nature’s water! You will find the highest water content in fruits like watermelons, cantaloupes, peaches, lettuces, tomatoes, cucumbers, citrus, and anything else that drips juice! Carry them around with you everywhere, and even bring extras to share. People should be sharing fruit love at every corner! Do it! :)

I hope to see you all this week, and I hope that you have fun staying hydrated! Totally freak people out by bringing an entire watermelon to work and eat it in front of everyone! Ha! :)

Love and hugs!



Monday, August 15th, 2011

Rawfully Organic Co-op Boxes, Rawfully Full, Raw Foods, 811 Low Fat Raw Vegan, Houston, Texas, Farmer's MarketHappy Happy Joy Joy! Hope that you are revved up and ready to ROC this week! The bounty of food that I have from this past week’s co-op box has filled me up with colorful deliciousness to the point where I feel like I am walking around with a rainbow over my head! It just doesn’t get much better than that! We all have had the pleasure of enjoying peaches, strawberries, cantaloupes, pluots, watermelons, and even corn! Every time I say that we “can’t possibly beat this week,” I find myself wrong again! TONS of exciting things are happening this week! Since there is so much going on, I have structured this week’s email newsletter a little different. Each paragraph has a theme and an important update with a quick link. Please read below!

I am getting ready to leave for the Woodstock Fruit Festival in New York, and I am so excited!  I will be Emcee of the event, and I also get to give two presentations on Raw Co-operating and Eating Organic/Local. Did I mention I will be teaching a salsa dance class as well?! This will be my first time to be away from co-op in over a year, and I will have a fabulous team of co-operators to help run the show! I will still be taking the orders and managing things from NY, but co-op will completely rely on YOU to run. We will need all of the volunteers and helping hands that we can get this week to make sure that everything goes smoothly. If you can come, feel welcome to bring family, friends, and kids! When you arrive, the head volunteers will show you exactly how to ROC it!  There truly is no greater joy than getting to play with your food!

Rawfully Organic Co-op Boxes, Rawfully Full, Raw Foods, 811 Low Fat Raw Vegan, Houston, Texas, Farmer's Market

Hungry?! It’s box time! The potential list of what may come in this week’s boxes is included below! As mentioned above, we have boxes OVERFLOWING with summer goodness! You cannot go wrong in feeding your body nothing but raw. Getting a box forces you to eat healthier items because you have such bounty around the house! It keeps you from eating “things” you may regret later!  I added a new recipe this week for a Raw Macho Taco Salad! Be prepared to get your hands and your face a little messy! A new you tube video of me making this recipe will be announced in the Tuesday email reminder for co-op, so stay tuned!

Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram Raw Food Recipe 811 low fat raw vegan lettuce wrapsIf you want to stay up to date on new recipes, articles, cool you tube videos, and more, please be sure to follow our Rawfully Organic Facebook page or Twitter! Any changes that we may have during the week or any special surprises or deals are quickly uploaded to our page for your convenience. Please take advantage of this because we will have fun interactive activities in store for you that will involve cool prizes!!!  Plus, I upload a new photo album each week, and you may be in it! This week’s Facebook photo album is here!  These pictures are SO much fun to share with family and friends, and the colors are so beautiful!

The ROC Express Lane is a success! Rawfully Organic has officially incorporated a new express checkout lane that allows those who have paid online to quickly dash if they need to grab their box and go! Talk about fast food! Please note: this lane is only for those who do not want to swap, who do not have extra add-ons, and who do not want to purchase any extras from the table. The express line helps to keep both of the checkout lines much shorter and moving more quickly. HORRAY! Thank you for your awesome suggestions in helping the co-op to run better. Keep ‘em coming!

Last but not least, ROC is adding a new Kingwood Drop-Off NEXT week! Please keep in mind the drop-offs are merely porch pick ups. Your boxes are already organized and merely dropped at a designated porch near your area. No swapping or special orders; the drops are for those who cannot make it to the main locations…life gets crazy, what can you say?! You will see the drop-down option next week for Thursday’s shares!

Rawfully Organic Co-op Boxes, Rawfully Full, Raw Foods, 811 Low Fat Raw Vegan, Houston, Texas, Farmer's MarketWe all feel SO blessed to be a part of something SO much greater than ourselves. Without YOU, this co-operative cannot co-operate. I feel SO blessed to be a part of each and every one of your lives. We are definitely a family, and I cannot ask for more. I will be leaving Wednesday, so I will be here for this Tuesday’s co-op. I return Wednesday the 23rd. I will miss you all terribly, but I will be ROC’N our message in New York and shaking it up!  Keep co-op pride and represent while I am away! Ah! I miss you already! :)

Love and hugs!