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An Healthy Nation: Lettuce BELIEVE!

Friday, November 9th, 2012


Our nation is unhealthy. While some may be practicing good health, more are unhealthy than healthy. I think now more than ever people are looking for health. Not just any type of health, but a solution to unease; a means to dissatisfaction. Society continuously searches for the “quick fix” to some of the most deep-rooted issues; yet, these self-destructive habits cannot be changed overnight. The solution seems to be complicated, but it is actually simple. The question is: are you brave enough to embark on the journey to ultimate body freedom?

When I first went FullyRaw almost 8 years ago, I had no idea the transformation that would take place. Fruits and vegetables would change my life? Really? Sure, why not. If you eat them you feel better physically, right? YES. As a result, I found perfect physical health! Ironically, I didn’t expect for the rest of my life to change. My mindset changed, my emotions changed, and my heart changed. All of the things that I truly wanted for myself, I finally envisioned the manifestation for these possibilities. More importantly, I saw myself as worthy to have them. Then, I developed the bravery to take the steps towards making them happen. What desires and dreams and I speaking of specifically?

Before when I was hyperglycemic, I always dreamed of having the perfect health, perfect body, and perfect confidence. Ironically, I saw this “Kristina” in my head, but I never acted like her in real life. She was my prototype. Becoming FullyRaw was like skydiving: I took the leap with complete faith that the person I wanted to become would manifest as a beacon of health inspiration to show the world what is possible through raw living. Eat raw isn’t just about the food, but it is just about the food. My transformation started with fruits and veggies; here I still stand with fruits and veggies. Am I in the same place? Yes and no. I eat just as clean as I did when I first started this journey; however, I stand before you transformed. I’m in a new element of confidence, happiness, healthiness, self-love, community love, family love, and hope.

I do believe in the power of fruits and veggies. Anyone who has tried a bite of what raw wants another bite. There is something about eating raw that not only makes you CRAVE the fresh food, but also the image of what your body would be like completely PURE. Not to mention, there is something about being totally tied to the earth in a way that connects you with all living things. You turn ON, and there is no going back without an inner subconscious battle. So why not do it? Why not serve as a light, an inspiration to everyone you know?

Drug companies dish out a different type of drug that has our nation in a downward spiral. Smoking. Drinking. Hate. Contamination. Littering. Pesticides. Hate. Self-Banter. Rudeness. Our nation is unhealthy. Fewer live in harmonic peace with their bodies and with the earth than not. But, this HARMONY is what we SEEK. It is that of which we dream. Take that step. What can help us? What can get to the root of the problem? What has the power to CHANGE our NATION? What has the power to save humanity when everything else feels like it’s crumbling beneath our feet? Can the solution be as simple as fruits and vegetables?

Deceivingly enough, the simple solution is not a pill. While a pill appears to be a small, harmless antidote, it serves as a metaphoric representation of evil. It is white, colorless, and lifeless. Place it next to a perfectly juicy and plump blueberry and physically see the difference. One oozes juice; the other does not. One has life; the other does not. When we eat REAL FOOD, we have life. Real food HAS LIFE. Raw food is life: LIFE-GIVING.

I believe in the power of fruits and veggies to create change infinitely. I often imagine a world where fruits and veggies are growing EVERYWHERE. A healthy nation where everyone is in-tune with their bodies and with the earth and where everyone is truly blissful. I have a dream of living in perfect, respectful, and loving harmony with all living creatures. Do you see this vision? I hope that you do, and I hope that you help me to create it one fruit and veggie at a time. If you struggle with eating raw, take it one day at a time. Start with simply enjoying meals of fruit and enjoying the abundance before you. Watch this transform you, and enjoy this journey. Open your heart to change and LOVE every experience. YOU CAN HELP OUR NATION. I’ll be right there beside you enjoying the same. :)



Eat FullyRaw and Live Socially

Wednesday, October 17th, 2012

Do you feel like it is too hard to eat raw and still keep your social life? I’m here to tell you that being FullyRaw is about sharing your lifestyle and your passion for eating healthy foods with the world! When we eat foods that make us feel good, we want to share this amazing feeling with family and friends as well! Shine bright and enjoy your social life, even if you are eating raw! Here are my top tips and tricks on how you can Live FullyRaw and Eat Socially!

Before I share my tips and tricks, I want to share a few important realizations that I have had. Realize that our society highly revolves around food. Relationships are more than just about food—relationships include your relationship with yourself and with others. I’ve realized that being raw has allowed me to bond with people on a much deeper level. My interactions with people are not just non-challant meetings over lunch, but they include activities that interest both of us, and we have FUN doing them! We go running, walking, co-operating, rock climbing, swimming, surfing, tree hugging, etc. We get in an activity that we both enjoy, and we get the chance to talk more because our mouths aren’t filled with food.

  • Here are my simple tips and tricks to help you increase your social life when eating FullyRaw:
  1. Invite people over for dinner. Make them the BEST raw meal ever. SHARE it with them. Introduce your passion to them and allow them to be exposed and potentially allow them to become passionate about it as well.
  2. When you go to a restaurant, call before and ask what their options may be. Order a salad or a fruit plate.
  3. You can even bring your own food to a restaurant….I share my story about how I handled eating dinner at a restaurant for my sister’s birthday in my youtube video on my channel.
  4. Create and share a fun picnic!
  5. Use your online resources such as Happy Cow or and learn about your local community. Find your nearest raw vegan restaurant, juice stores, etc. ASK the chefs if they don’t mind preparing something for you. They don’t mind, and if they do, they will let you know.
  6. Find a potluck! Bring fruit to share!
  7. Go to a movie? Bring your own baggie of fruit or carrots or okra or dates! Dates are WAY better than popcorn lol!
  8. Create a community of friends with the same common interest as you.

Even when you think that you are alone, you are NOT alone. There are SO many out there who want to be healthy who feel the same way. Get on our FullyRawKristina facebook page ( Post and ask if there are people on your area. Get on and search for meetups. Look on 30 bananas a day. If you’re in Houston, come hang out at Rawfully Organic ( We have the LARGEST raw food vegan co-op in the US with the most amazing people! CREATE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD.

Use these simple ideas to help you branch out in your community. When you share this gift with others, you not only feel good about yourself, but you make others feel good as well! You are sharing the amazing gift of health with them by living as an example! What a blessing!

Please feel free to share these thoughts with others or share this video with family and friends. You can also leave your comments or additional ideas below. I LOVE reading your suggestions!

Sending my hugs and love to you! Now get out there and enjoy this amazing health of yours…and share it with the world!



7 Years FullyRaw & Still Un-Ripe!

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

Seven years ago I adapted a 100% Raw Foods Lifestyle.  It’s crazy to think that I have not eaten cooked foods in 7 years, but it’s true! When I look at how much my life has changed since then, it is nothing short of miraculous. From physical to emotional and spiritual, I have seen myself transform from a feeble, insecure girl to a confident, capable, and utterly loving woman. Looking back, I never thought I would be able to surpass negative generational patterns, but this is exactly what I have done; both consciously and unconsciously.

When I was 18 years old, I discovered a raw foods diet midst exploring the bulk items section in Whole Foods. An angel named John Rose approached me and began to tell me about this alien nonsense that he ate 10 lbs of fruits and vegetables in a day and that he hadn’t eaten cooked foods in about 18 years at the time. I listened out of curiosity, but I went home thinking that I had literally just met a rabbit manifested in human form. Being ill from hyperglycemia, I was underweight and continuously sick from migraines, nausea, vomiting, weakness, etc. The next day after meeting John, I was admitted into the hospital for more vomiting and hyperglycemic symptoms. When I was released, I called John for help. After he explained to me why my body was reacting the way that it was, I felt the need to try a change of diet. I walked out of Whole Foods that day with 80 pounds of peaches! Yes, it was almost the size of my body weight at the time.

After 3 days of eating nothing but peaches, I noticed an enormous difference in the way that I felt physically. I had not had one migraine, I hadn’t felt nauseous, and I could actually walk around with a tiny ping of energy. Could food really have changed the way that I felt?? Absolutely! Within less than a week, it had already begun to change my aura!

After a month of eating 100% raw, I knew there was something to it because my blood sugar levels had stabilized. I never told myself that I was not going to eat cooked foods again, but I did tell myself that I was going to continue to take this journey one step at a time. Eventually, I became like a sponge, reading, researching, and experimenting, simply to understand what my body had been through.

I knew that I was destined to be FullyRaw for life right after high school graduation. I won the high school raffle: a microwave. Yes, this is ironically true! I made it through my first year of college in an 8 x 8 ft single dorm room with no kitchen. All I had was a knife, cutting board, simple blender, and a salad bowl. I even made it on a college budget! It was my college experience and transferring schools that bought me to Houston, where I sat on the Environmental Committee at Rice and helped to start the Tuesday Farmer’s Market. You can see that it was not long before I was inspired to create this little co-operative out of my garage…it was called Rawfully Organic. Little did I know that this community effort would turn into what is now the LARGEST Organic & Raw Foods Produce Co-operative in the United States. I am floored and incredibly honored.

So much has happened since then, but it’s not hard to sum up. Rawfully Organic has grown into an entity of it’s own, and it birthed its sister company FullyRaw, dedicated to educated families and friends how to live a raw foods lifestyle. While I live my life doing SO many things and fulfilling so many passions, I spend much of my time fulfilling these life passions. Fresh food has the power to change us; it feeds us. It feeds us physical, mental, and spiritual nutrition so that we can become the most powerful “us” that we can become.

Transformation begins with a single step. Although I have been raw for seven years, I feel that I am still un-ripe. There is still SO much fruit left to eat and still SO many people left to touch. I hope to be able to inspire everyone that I meet: living as an example.  I have SO much living and learning left to do. The next 7 years of my raw journey will be vivacious, flourishing, and beautiful. I am merely grateful to have EACH of you as my partner in fruity deliciousness.

Thank you for being YOU.  Thank you for wanting to improve yourself and find health. Thank you for being inspired to merely eat healthier and to feel alive. Thank you for spreading THIS joy with others. Thank you for spreading this message.  You have become my support, my inspiration, and my family. I have nothing by love, appreciation, and hugs for you!

All my love,



Why Eat Fully Raw?

Monday, April 2nd, 2012
Why Eat Fully Raw?
Why Eat Fully Raw?
Click Image to Watch

Kristina from Rawfully Organic and FullyRaw answers your most important question: “Why Eat FullyRaw?”

You know what it is to eat raw foods, but do you know why it is important to be more FullyRaw in your everyday life? Do you know what it feels like to be FullyRaw? I am here to be your inspiration! This video provides the top 3 reasons why eating FullyRaw will change your life.

Everyone wants to be raw, but they don’t know where to start or where to look for inspiration. I am here to do just that. I am going to create a video series where I address all of the most essential questions:

Why eat fullyraw?
What are the steps to eat fullyraw?
What are the challenges?
What are the solutions to the challenges?
How can I be fullyraw and inspire others?

It’s not just about the food, but it’s all about the food. Similarly, it’s all about the food, but it’s not at all about the food. When getting healthy, we have to address the emotional components, the physical ones, and the mental ones.

We may take it out on the food or think we have fallen off the wagon, but these are all growth opportunities and must be seen in a different light. In reality, it’s just putting the food in your mouth, but what emotions lead you to those choices that you are unhappy about?

What emotions lead you to make those choices? Are you living a life of self-sabotaging behaviors and a slave to your succumbed emotions? Or are you living FULLYRAW like you want to live?

Keep in mind you can always go to my website at to see the FAQ page for the basics, but we are going to talk about deeper issues in the videos that perhaps you can share with family and friends to inspire them as well. For those of you in Houston who are associated with Rawfully Organic, use our local resources!

Here are the three reasons why Eating Raw will Change Your Life.

1)   Physically:

  • The food is chemically different. It is composed differently. I won’t get into the hard-core science, but when you cook your food, you denature that food. The food loses vitality and nutrients. Essentially, it becomes “dead.” If you want to feel alive, why eat something that is dead? You want to radiate, and your food is your energy! Processed foods are BAD, contain chemicals, are genetically modified, and are unrecognizable by your body. When you eat raw food, you physically:
      • Have MORE energy
      • Heal
      • Improve Digestion
      • Lost weight
      • Clear Skin
      • Gain muscle Tone/Lose Fat
      • Increase Nutrient Density (invigorates your blood!)

2)   Emotionally:

    • You will feel confident because you are eating the foods that you finally want to eat!
    • You learn to love yourself because you are eating foods that LOVE you back!
    • Emotionally healing (Time to cleanse out that bookshelf!)
    • NO MORE SELF-SABOTAGE.  Please visit my video called “Overcome Struggles Going Raw.”
    • Become yourself and confident in your choices
    • Food freedom
    • Feel GOOD!
    • Vitality
    • Clear minded- because you are eating so many nutrient dense foods, you are cleansing, you have more power to think better!
    • Many times people think they fail because they “fall” off the wagon, but really, the shift takes place that these are growth opportunities.

3)   Spiritually

    • If you are what you eat, then you will become the life that your food offers. You retain it’s energy, and you feel more connected to the earth because what you are eating is provided for you.
    • You develop FAITH because the foods that you are now eating are not man made. You are no longer depending on man, but you are learning to understand and depend on nature.
    • You become divinely connected and come back to a place of gratitude.
    • Eating foods that are fresh and local connect you to your community.
    • You will feel like you are living your life’s purpose. EVERYONE WANTS THIS!

So how do you start? You want to do this, but how do you get there?

The biggest tip that I can give you that I want you to walk away with is that it’s all about the fruits of life. EAT ONE MEAL OF FRUIT EACH DAY. Fruit is color in life. Emanate that color.

Hope that you all enjoy this post and this video! Please feel free to share with others so that we can get the message out there. I appreciate all of your support! Sending many hugs and love!


Why Eat Fully Raw?

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

Why Eat Fully Raw?
Why Eat Fully Raw?
Click Image to Watch

See New Volunteers of the Month!You know what it is to eat raw foods, but do you know why it is important to be more FullyRaw in your everyday life? Do you know what it feels like to be FullyRaw? I am here to be your inspiration! Here are the top 3 reasons why eating FullyRaw will change your life:


Spring like a bunny! We are overflowing with local carrots, strawberries, broccoli, greens, citrus, and more! There is nothing but sunshine ahead! Reserve your shares early! See what is potentially in the box this week!

3 New EAT IT RAW Classes are in April at Sur la Table! I will be teaching at the River Oaks location as well as in City Center! Make recipes straight from your Rawfully Organic boxes! All of my classes have been sold out, so please sign up early!


Pineapple Mango Salsa Video Recipe

Click Image to Watch Recipe

Please remember that while Rawfully Organic provides you with the most rawesome fruits and veggies, FullyRaw is designed to help eat more raw! Use our resources to your advantage! Here are more fun links for you:


Rawfully Organic Facebook Page

FullyRaw Facebook Page

Rawfully Organic YouTube Channel

Kristina’s Blog

Last week’s new video recipe features Pineapple Mango Salsa! I have posted the recipe on the ROC website! Please subscribe to my New FullyRawKristina YouTube Channel and the Rawfully Organic YouTube Channel to enjoy all of our videos. Comment, enjoy, and share!


Raw Salsa + Dance Salsa = HOT SALSA!

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

Raw Salsa + Dance Salsa = HOT SalsaOrder a BoxMeet ROC Co-operators! Are you ready to make salsa, or are you ready to DANCE salsa?! I hope so because I am about to spice up your life! I am making this week’s Pineapple Mango Salsa in my kitchen today, and I’ve just made a new raw food recipe video to share with you! Please subscribe to my New FullyRawKristina YouTube Channel and the Rawfully Organic YouTube Channel! Enjoy and share!


Spring is here, and it’s sweet bliss! We are overflowing with local carrots, strawberries, broccoli, greens, and more! This is the perfect week to co-op! Reserve your shares early! See what is potentially in the box this week!


I have just posted links for my new EAT IT RAW Classes in April at Sur la Table! I will be teaching at the River Oaks location as well as in City Center! Learn how to use ingredients and make recipes straight from your Rawfully Organic boxes! There are 3 featured classes coming up. We will be doing a spin on ROC’N Juices & Smoothies, Salads & Gazpachos, and Delicatessen Desserts! All of my classes have been sold out, so please sign up early!


I was on Great Day Houston TV last Tuesday, and they brought Mr. Bacon out of the audience to taste if my Raw Vegan dishes were good enough to tempt healthier eating. Kristina vs. Bacon! Click here to watch and laugh!

Want to meet some other co-operators? Please see the Rawfully Organic Facebook Photo Albums! New albums are added each week here! Feel free to tag yourself, and be sure to “like” the page for weekly updates!

While ROC feeds you raw foods, my website FullyRaw is dedicated to inspire and motivate you to eat healthier! Visit it and follow it on facebook. I also invite you to friend me (Kristina)! For inspiration, please see my blog!


Mr. Bacon Eats Raw Food!

Monday, March 26th, 2012


Give Life in a Box

Monday, December 12th, 2011

ABC Channel 13 features Rawfully Organic!

Do you feel Christmas in the air?! It’s coming! This is my favorite time of the year because I get to GIVE BACK to those that I love the most…YOU! Double hugs for everyone! :)

The week before Christmas, we will have co-op up until that Thursday, then we will not have co-op the 24th, 27th, or 29th. Until then, the boxes will be like Christmas surprises, overflowing with Santa’s bounty! Find out what will be in this week’s box here, and order here! If you haven’t already seen our awesome reel from Channel 13 News, please watch! You can also keep up to date with our latest holiday videos on our You Tube Channel and community recipe ideas on our Facebook Page!

I’ve entitled this week’s email newsletter “Give Life Back in a Box” for the sole purpose that I believe our boxes distribute life. Three times a week, I get to see over 350 families pick up their boxes, overjoyed to get home and bless their bodies and families with colorful goodness. I’ve been so humbled this week to see SO many ask to buy shares for their friends for Christmas because I cannot think of a greater gift to give: LIFE.

Essentially, our boxes are filled with healthy goodness, but not just ANY healthy goodness…RAW goodness. Fruits and vegetables are the most vitamin and mineral jam-packed sources of foods on the planet; they are filled with vibrancy. They literally make us glow on a cellular level, and they make us feel amazing, light, and joyful when we eat them. Everyone knows that increasing one’s diet in fruits and vegetables makes you feel more alive…so why not eat them ALL the time and feel the blessing of life inside of you INFINITELY?! (This feeling is the reason that I have been 100% raw for 6 years!)

As the volunteers prep the boxes at co-op, I consider it to be a very peaceful and exciting time, because it is almost as if we are blessing the boxes to go out to everyone. We are filling them with the blessings of life, and these nutrients will fuel you to function at your highest physical, mental, and possibly spiritual performance. Unlike other foods, these foods “love you back,” essentially and metaphorically. They bring us better physical appeal, make us glow, and even bring us more self confidence. Eating colorful foods brings about a shift in confidence, mental clarity, and happiness. Yes, eating fruits and vegetables makes you feel happier! They are a gift, and the gift they reap is LIFE.

Love yourself this holiday season by giving your body the gift of life. Eat your box, eat your fruits and veggies, and eat them raw. When you love yourself, you love others and everyone around you. I truly do love you all from the fruitiness of my heart, and for this reason, I run this co-op as a labor of love. Thank you for making it the most loving, accepting, safe, and special place for so many. I cannot wait to share this holiday season with you! Besides the food, you all are my gifts! :)

I look forward to seeing you all this week!

Hugs and love!


P.S. This is the LAST week to get a vitamix with free shipping before Christmas, please email me at!

P.S. 2: If you are interested in “gifting” a box, please email me as well!


EAT IT RAW: Week 2 to Win $500 in Prizes!

Monday, October 10th, 2011

Hello ROC Family! Hope that you all have had an AWESOME weekend! We had RAIN for the first time in…months?! I got to enjoy several runs in the rain, and it felt as if God was showering me with love! This past week, we celebrated our 4th birthday with Fresh Dates, new you tube videos, and new pictures of colorful food and YOU at co-op here! I even got to speak to Briargrove Elementary on how eating fruits and veggies are “Too Fruity for School!” That’s not all! We kicked off our first week of the EAT IT RAW CHALLENGE! The challenge is a 4-week competition that gives out over $500 each week of specially donated gifts to those who participate in posting their weekly recipes from their boxes on our ROC facebook page! Our first week’s winner is Madison Wilner, who won by making a “slosh” fruit smoothie that got over 90 “likes!” Congratulations Madsion! Are you interested in competing for a chance to get a free house cleaning by NaturalCare Cleaning Service, Free Yoga Passes to Define, Body, & Mind, Japanese Knives, Vibram Five Fingers, or even a Vitamix Blender?!  Heck Yes! Each week gives away different prizes! Keep reading below to find out how to win!

The purpose of the EAT IT RAW CHALLENGE is simply to connect our co-op (and everyone who loves to EAT IT RAW!) on our facebook page. We have over 4500 Rawfully Organic co-operators in the Houston area; yet, many are not involved in our community as they can be! For those who are not able to make it to co-op to volunteer and interact with others sharing recipes, ideas, and hugs, online interaction can be a super-fantastic way to easily share recipes, pictures of dishes, and ideas for items in our boxes! It is even an awesome way to meet others in the co-op who you may have not gotten the chance to know! We are all in this co-op because we appreciate  organic, loving, and raw produce! Why not connect with others in our city and beyond who have this same love and passion?!

Anyone can compete in the EAT IT RAW CHALLENGE…it’s TOO EASY! The competition spans over 4 weeks, and each week has a different theme. This first week, our theme was smoothies. Week 2 calls for juice recipes. Week 3 challenges you to make creative soups and salads, and week 4 for calls for…yummy desserts! The only requirement: it MUST be RAW! Each week has a different winner (the same person cannot win twice), and those 4 winners compete on week 5 in our Final Eat It Raw IRON CHEF Challenge at the Houston Arboretum on October 25th for the grand prize!

There are 3 weeks left to the competition, and this week calls for you to make a yummy juice! Many have already posted some juice ideas on the page, so hurry up and get posting so that you can build up your “likes” and win! Here’s how:

  1. Go to and “Like” the page!
  2. Make your recipe (please keep in mind the theme of the week!)
  3. Take a picture of your recipe!
  4. Post or Share it to the Rawfully Organic Facebook Page!
  5. Get your friends to “like” the photo!
  6. WIN!

This week we will have MORE special surprises in your box from which you will be able to make very Rawfully Happy recipes! Dates, watermelons, zucchini, pickles, greens, fruits, and more! If you know of anyone who may want to donate cool gifts for the challenge or sponsor the Final Iron Chef Challenge, please contact or! I am SO excited about this challenge, and I am EVEN MORE EXCITED to see our community come together in such a cool way to share recipes, encouragements, and friendships! I can’t wait to see you all this week, and I send many hugs! :)




Monday, September 19th, 2011

A change of seasons is upon us! We actually had RAIN this weekend! I hope that you all were able to enjoy it and rest while listening to the pitter patter on your roofs! While rain is super exciting, ROC has also had a super-exciting week with Kristina making an appearance on Great Day Houston! If you missed it, you can watch the clip here! AND, some more exciting news is that Channel 13 will be coming to co-op tomorrow to do a segment on Rawfully Organic! We invite everyone to come out to volunteer and be a part of this TV segment! Two TV appearances in one week! AND, more exciting news is that I will be appearing at our very own Lululemon store in the Galleria this coming Saturday the 24th to make green smoothies for all who come into the store! Details and new pictures are updated on our ROC’N facebook page! Please come to celebrate good health, good clothes, and multiple hugs! How exciting!

I truly believe that goodness is contagious. When individuals see messages, groups, or deals in which they believe, they feel compelled to share this gift with others. I believe that Rawfully Organic is a gift, and I know that it truly special because our entire non-profit has grown entirely by word of mouth! How cool is that?! When people want to share messages of love that come with food filled with love, you know that you have something special. Thank you everyone for making our co-op not JUST a great source for unbelievable organic food, but also a family.

This past week I have learned that nothing is more important than family and humility. I have grown so much closer with all of you, and despite the fact that I may not be perfect and that I make mistakes frequently, you all are so forgiving and loving with me. All I can say is thank you from the top to bottom of my heart…trust me when I say that covers extensive ground! I know that I will continue to grow with all of you–and even more of you that may not even know me yet. I am so blessed to be a part of all of your lives as I hope that you feel blessed and excited to be a part of something so much greater than ourselves. What we have created will truly change our city and our planet.

I hope to see you ALL this weekend not only for co-op, but also for some TV fun and even for some green smoothies at Lululemon! :) You all mean the world to me, and I am SO excited to be on this journey of life and health with each and every one of you!

Hugs and love,